Harvest 2022

So there we have it. Harvest 2022 is now complete and we can finally put our feet up for the winter. All of our wines have been processed and are now sleeping soundly in the winery.

We are super excited about this vintage. The summer of 2022 was exceptionally warm and dry, meaning sugars in the grapes have sky rocketed compared to previous years. And although we are new to the block, this was shared among all vineyards across the UK. Yields were down due to lack of water, but we are more than happy to give up quantity to give way to quality and complexity. Even our ‘wildcard’ planting of Riesling grapes managed to produce wonderful ripe fruit, so expect some exciting releases from this vintage 🙂

There was some long hours and a LOT of machinery let downs, but this didn’t stop us from getting the job done. Thank you to everyone involved in the harvest this year, you know who you are. We couldn’t have done it without you. Time now to recharge and start the season over come spring!

Chin chin to us all!